This is what WE will be responsible for:

  • We will sod cut the grass out of the pool site and pile it up where you choose.  Keep in mind that we will  not haul the grass away.
  • We will assemble and level the pool.
  • We will smooth out the floor and roll it with a sod roller.
  • We will install the liner.
  • We will begin running water.
  • We will assemble the pump and filter system, lights, chlorinators, salt system, etc.
  • We will install the skimmer and return.
  • We will connect the pump and filter system to the skimmer and return.
  • We will hardpipe the pump and filter system with pvc piping and shut-off valves.
  • We will assemble and install the pool steps or ladder.
  • We will stack the boxes and trash that the pool came in. This will be your responsibility to discard.

This is what YOU will be responsible for:

  • Any permitting for your pool or installation via your county/city. For more information on permitting, click here
  • Removal of fence for access to the yard (8 feet of clearance) (if grading with a machine is required).
  • Any lines under the ground that may be damaged during grading.  Please know where your lines are.
  • Any charges related to huge rocks, stumps, or anything under the ground that is found during the grading process that extends or hinders the grading.
  • Removing of rocks and stumps from the property.  We will dig them up (if agreed upon with charges) but will not remove them from the property.
  • Water to fill pool.
  • Electrical connections to pump, lights, or any component requiring electricity in addition to bonding the pool. For more detailed information click here
  • Landscaping around the pool after installation.
  • Any poisons or treatment for ants, termites, or nut grass under or around the pool, unless otherwise noted.
  • Damage to yard or driveway due to uniloader or dump truck. We prefer to stay off of the driveway unless necessary or requested by the customer.
Please fill out the agreement form below so that we may proceed with your pool installation: