Inground Liner Replacement


First we start with only the best in liner material with our 28 MIL thickness, which is 1/3 thicker than a standard liner.  We basically do the whole job from start to finish:

  • We drain and measure your pool
  • We give you a huge choice of liner patterns to choose from
  • We remove your old liner and discard it for you
  • We patch and repair the floor of the pool
  • We paint your coping white again to give it a fresh new look
  • We replace all the trim, faceplates, and gaskets so the pool looks brand new
  • Once the pool is full, we add all your balance chemicals, salt (if needed), and give it a chlorine shock which sets you up for an easy summer
  • The ONLY thing you have to deal with is pick out your new liner pattern (which is the best part)

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