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Mirage Chlorine Pool Package

Our Mirage Above Ground Swimming Pools are the latest in design, durability, and performance of all the above grounds on the market. The top seats of the Mirage are arched, meaning the the pool has a round modern shape, not the “hexagon” style that most above ground pools have.  The Mirage is a unique and beautiful addition to any backyard.  Protected by a 30 year warranty, our Mirage pool comes in a 52″ wall height with 7″ top seats for plenty of sitting room on the pool. The all resin verticals are 6″ for strength and stability. The pool is ALL RESIN, meaning that there are not steel components of the pool that are liable for rust or corrosion. This includes the top seats, vertical posts, top and bottom tracks, track plates, and decorative caps.


Technical Info
  • 52″ Wall Height
  • All Resin 7″ Top Seats for long life and corrosion proof
  • 6 1/2″ All Resin Vertical Posts for heavy stability and corrosion proof
  • All Resin Decrotive Caps for long life and corrosion proof
  • All Resin top and bottom plates for long life and corrosion proof
  • Weather Resistant Epoxy Paint and Star Gaflan Coating on all Steel Wall
  • Siltex (polyester/silicon) coating on pool wall
  • Corrugated Wall for maximum Sturdiness
  • 30 year warranty: 3 years full warranty
  • Available in Buttress-Free Oval Sizes (NON-BRACED)
  • Available sizes: ROUND 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 OVAL 15×24, 15×30, 18×33
Pool Kit Upgrades

The Aqua Staircase is the highest quality step system we have seen for above ground pools.  A great feature is the ability to have one or two handrails.  The system comes with two and you decide which ones to install.

Steps are perfect for heavier or elderly swimmers that require easy access to the pool.  Keep in mind that you will also need a deck built up to the pool for this ladder to work.

Built smart, built strong, built customer friendly.  There is only one step built tough and smart enough to be called the Aqua Staircase. Using rotational molding technology, the Aqua Staircase is a one piece step system manufactured from top quality PE resins. The Aqua Staircase derives its strength from its simplicity! Its smooth roto-molded bottom edge makes it more liner friendly than other steps on the market.



The AquaIlluminator light is the brightest above ground pool light available.  This makes it perfect for any size pool.  The AquaIlluminator is designed to be a light and a return from the filter system and fits into the return hole so no other holes will need to be cut into the pool wall.  This allows the pool owner to have a light and keep their pool’s warranty.

Complete Pool Kit

Our Marble Bottom 20mil Overlap Liner is 20% thicker than the leading 20 gauge liner.  Mil is a thickness measurement and gauge is a strength measurement.  It takes about a 13mil liner to pass a 20 gauge strength test making the Marble Bottom 20mil Overlap Liner a leader in the above ground liner industry.  Built to last and designed for beauty, the Marble Bottom 20mil Overlap Liner will give you years and years of worry free enjoyment with the pleasure of a patterned bottom and solid blue wall.


The Hayward 19″ Sand Filter System is more than adequate for any above ground pool size.  The system will circulate all the water in a 24′ pool through the filter media 3 TIMES a day for a common 12 hours filtration cycle.  All the filtration you need and then some!

Why sand filter?  Because sand filters are the easiest and most reliable filter system made!  Simply turn its handle to clean the filter on its own.  Turn the handle back when its done and your finished.  Easy!


The Hayward Inline Chlorinator makes chemical maintenance that much easier.  Just fill the chlorinator up with chlorine tablets at the beginning of the month and let it go.  The chlorinator regulates how much chlorine you want in the pool and keeps it that way.

One more way to make your swimming experience that much easier!


You need a way to get into and out of your new pool.  You want it to last and look good for years.  You want it to be tough.  You want it to handle any weight it may need to handle.  You want wide, easy access and you want to be able to keep kids out of the pool when you are not there.

All these reasons are why we place the Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder System in each package.  All Resin structure gives the ladder long and beautiful life.  Wide steps to easily go in and out of your pool.  A cool, gray color for being there, but not standing out.


We throw this item into the package to preserve the life of your investment.  The Equipment Pad keeps the pump and filter system free from minerals in the soil and the elements.  This lengthens the life of the filter system and keeps the area around the filter system easier and cleaner to maintain.

2’x3′ makes it big enough for any filter system.


Thermometer: So you can check the water temperature before diving in.

Test Kit:  So you can stay on top of the water chemistry.

Brush:  Scrub the sides of the pool or push debris where you want it.

Leaf Skimmer:  Scoop the floating leaves off of the top of the water or the floating bees that threaten your skimmers.

Vacuum Head:  Vacuum out the debris, just in case your mother comes over.

Vacuum Hose:  35 feet long to manage every pool.

50′ Backwash Hose:  Use this to route water away from the pool when the filter is cleaning itself.


Water has to get from the pool to the filter system and there is no better way to do this that the extra large opening of the widemouth skimmer.  Every pool needs a skimmer and return, so you might as well do it best!


Once your pool gets filled up, we like to come out to your house and put all the balance chemicals you will need for the season so that you are up and swimming and won’t have to deal with these chemicals for the rest of the summer.  We also give the pool a good sanitizing with a chlorine shock to get you swimming and ready to go!


One of our favorite things to do in the process of your new pool is to come out to your house and teach you what to do through the season.  This is where everyone gets to see just how easy your new pool experience is going to be for you.  This usually takes and hour or so and its shown to be the best way to get our customers on the right track and keep them there.


Estimate Inquiry

We’d love to come out and take a look at your backyard and talk with you about your vision and needs and give you a free backyard estimate on the pool kit and installation.

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