Pool Permitting

Permitting of above ground swimming pools IS required in your county/city.  This page will assist you with moving forward and getting your permit with minimal headache.  Below is a list of the different counties that we install pools.  Keep in mind that permitting is YOUR responsibility, however we try to help and make it as easy as possible.  We have seen from our customers that permitting tends to take a minimum of 2 weeks, if not longer, so we recommend that you start the process of permitting as soon as possible so that it does not interfere with your new pool installation.

What to Expect with Permitting

Ultimately the county is looking to make sure that your new pool meets these basic requirements:

  • The placement of the pool.  They want to make sure that your new pool is sitting on your property and a particular distance from your house and property lines (each county requires different distances).  They are also wanting to make sure that your pool is not sitting on top of your septic lines or septic tank.
  • The pool is protected from children getting into the pool.  Some counties require a 4 foot fence around the pool or a particular height of railing around the pool if you are building a deck around the pool. Being that the pool is 52″ (4 feet and 4 inches) tall already, some counties will not require a fence, however if your yard is not very level and the pool will need to be 5 inches or more into the ground on one end, then the 4 foot pool wall barrier becomes less than 4 feet and a fence may be required.

You Can Hire Someone to Get Your Permit for You!

Permitting can sometimes be time consuming and frustrating.  Here is a company that can handle your entire permit process for you for a reasonable fee:

What you will Need for Permitting

  • Drawing of your site plan.  This is a rough drawing of where the pool will sit in your yard as compared to where your house sits and your property lines.  Most of the time you will not need to draw this out to scale.  You will just have to draw out the house, pool, and measurements on where the pool will be placed in regards to the house and property lines.  Below is an example of this type of drawing:


  • Contact Person.  Make sure that on your application you make YOURSELF the contact person and not us.  This will be the person that they call for questions and hold responsible for the permit and payment.
  • Contractor Information.  There will probably be a space on your application for contactor information.  YOU ARE CONSIDERED THE CONTRACTOR.  This space is needed for a GC (general contractor-which is required for jobs over $30,000) which is considered yourself as you have hired us to do your job.  If you list our company, they will deny your permit as we are not GC’s.  You may however list us as a subcontractor.  Here is what you will need from us:
    • Business License Number:  NC has not required business licenses for the last 7 years so leave this blank.  They will understand.
    • Company name:  Above Ground Pros, Inc.
    • Company Contractor Info:  Chad Smith, 7304 Champlain Dr, Wilmington, NC 28412
  • Pool and Ladder Information: 
    • Pool is 52 inches tall
    • Impermeable Surface:  The area of impermeable surface is only the pump and filter system which is on a  2’x3′ equipment pad, so the area of impermeable surface  is 6 sqft.
    • Ladder is a security ladder to keep children from climbing in the pool if ladder is in the locked position.
    • ANSI/NSPI-4 Compliance:  Download the PDF by clicking HERE (this is proof from the manufacturer that the pool is designed to particular specifications.
  • Payment from you.  Most permits will be between $75-$150.

Helpful Permitting Links