It is important to us to make you are aware of the options you have for the replacement of your liner before the actual day of installation.  Below are the options that you have to choose from.  All of these options are additions that you will want us to perform during the replacement of your liner.


Unfortunately Nut Grass (or nut sledge) is a bit of a problem with some above ground pools in our sandy yards around Wilmington.  Nut Grass is a grass that can grow underneath the pool and it has a sharp point and a hard spine and can grow right through your liner.  This can become quite the nightmare for a new pool owner.  However, it is very uncommon.  We only see it every so often with above ground pools.  It can be a very tricky situation without the proper poison.  Seeing as though it is fairly uncommon and a bit pricey for treatment, we give you the option to choose whether you would like us to treat the pool site before installation or not, although we all sleep a bit better at night knowing the site is treated and we can’t guarantee against it without treatment.  The treatment is very heavy duty and will prevent nut grass intrusion for the life of the pool.

Ants can be another headache to above ground pools.  They can get under the pool where the pool wall meets the floor and poke holes in your new liner with their mandibles.  They are easy to get rid of and if you would like us to treat for them during install, we would be happy to.


A layer of floor foam which protects your liner from underground damage in addition to creating a “carpet pad” effect under the liner giving you a soft cushion for the floor of the swimming pool.  Over time the floor of the pool becomes hard like concrete and our floor foam keeps it soft to the touch.

We have been using floor foam for over 15 years and we have yet to have a customer that doesn’t absolutely love it!  It makes for a premium swimming experience.


Wall Foam protects the wall from the corrosive properties of the water due to a puncture in the wall of the liner and it also insulates the wall of the pool preventing heat loss of the water through the wall keeping your water temperature warmer.  A great idea if you plan on heating the pool now or down the road or if your a fan of warmer water.

  • Nut Grass and Ant Treatment
  • Nut Grass and Ant Treatment
  • Floor Foam
  • GOLD PACKAGE most popular package
  • Nut Grass and Ant Treatment
  • Floor Foam
  • Wall Foam

All package pricing is in addition to your quoted installation pricing.

Let us know which package you choose: