Installation Checklist

Here is a handy and informative installation checklist to help walk you through the things you can prepare yourself with before your scheduled installation date.

Work on getting your pool permit from the county or city you live in.  For more information and help with this, click this link:  Permitting Information

Prepare yourself with the electrical requirements you will need.  For more information and help with this click this link: Electrical Information

If our machine (Bobcat) will have to get into your backyard, make sure that we have access.  This will require a 7′ opening at a minimum, which may require access to a double gate or you may have to remove a section of fencing.

Decide where you will want us to place the grass that we sod cut out of the site or if we are using a machine to grade the pool site, then decide where you will want us to place any grass or extra dirt.

On the day of installation, we will need you to have a water hose hooked up that can reach the pool for filling.  We will also, need an outlet to plug up extension cords (which we will have) to perform the required work during installation.

Be prepared to answer the following questions when we first arrive on the date of installation:

  • Where do you want to place your new pool?
  • Where do you want us to place the grass/extra dirt?
  • Where do you want your pump/filter system to go?
  • Where do you want your ladder/steps to go?