Swimming Pool Electrical Information

Often your electrician will want to know some information about the electrical needs of your new pool, so we designed this page for you to be able to relay this information to them.  Below is a list of the information that they may need.  This should be a complete list of what they want to know, but please let us know if there is any other information they may need.

The pump, including the salt system, is ALL 110 Volts.  A 110V outlet needs to be installed so that the pump/salt system can be plugged in. NO hardwiring to the pump or salt system is required.

The pump plugs into the salt system and the salt system plugs into the outlet, so whether you are purchasing a salt system or not, only ONE outlet is needed for running the pump.  If you are purchasing any lights for the pool, then one outlet will be required for EACH light.

A GFCI outlet is normally required by code.

The electrical should be on a 20 AMP breaker.

Grounding of the pump and salt system IS required.  Most county codes also require a ground wire to be trenched around the pool and connected to the grounding of the system.  Check your county codes for more details.

Certain counties also require a “bond to the water” so please let us know if you need this before your pool’s installation and we can provide a skimmer bonding plate for you.

Some county codes require the pump/filter system to be at least 6 feet away from the pool.  Also, some codes can require the pump/filter system to be a certain distance from your property lines.  Please let us know if this becomes your situation.