This is what will take place during the replacement:

  • Removal of the old liner, cut into manageable pieces.
  • We will smooth out the sand and fix any bumps, humps, dips, and remove any roots or rocks using the sand within the pool’s floor.
  • We will install the liner.
  • We will begin running water.
  • We will install the skimmer and return.
  • We will connect the pump and filter system to the skimmer and return.
  • We will stack the boxes and trash that the liner came in. This will be your responsibility to discard.
  • We will treat the ground with a 3-month ant treatment.
  • We will provide new coping, liner lock, and gaskets for the skimmer/return.  (if standard and available)
  • The customer will have a 1 year Quality of Workmanship Warranty for any occurrence that appears due to installation only.

What the Replacement Does NOT Include:

  • Draining the pool of its water completely empty so replacement can take place on day scheduled. If water is not completely empty on day of replacement the customer will have two options: to remove the water and reschedule job or allow Above Ground Pros to drop a sump pump into the pool to drain the water at a charge of $85 and the work will be rescheduled for the next available date.
  • Removal of the old liner. The liner will we cut into pieces and stacked at the end of the driveway for garbage pick up.
  • Water to fill pool.
  • Electrical connections to pump, lights, or any component requiring electricity.
  • Any poisons or treatment for termites, or vegetation under or around the pool.
  • Assembling and Installing your ladder or steps. must be placed in pool after the pool is filled
  • There will be NO Wrinkle-Free guarantee, however care will be taken to remove wrinkles as best as possible.
  • Above Ground Pros will hold no warranty on any products installed not purchased through Above Ground Pros.
  • Above Ground Pros will perform no deck alterations for the replacement to take place. This will be the customers responsibility.
Please fill out the agreement form below so that we may proceed with your liner replacement:
I have read the liner replacement agreement and I understand and agree to the requirements and expectations that I am required to provide and the requirements and expectations that Above Ground Pros, Inc. will perform.