It is important to us to make you aware of the options you have for the installation of your pool.  Below are the options and below that are the packages of these options that you have to choose from.  All of these options are additions that you will want us to perform during the installation of your pool.

PVC Piping

PVC Piping, just like an inground pool, is the only way to go.  The pump and filter system comes with plastic hoses, that unfortunately, never break when you’re standing there looking at them.  They break when you’re ay work and then you loose a foot of water by the time you get home.  PVC piping prevents this.  It’s the better way to plumb the pool.


A solid cushion of floor foam which protects your liner from underground damage in addtion to creating a “carpet pad” effect under the liner giving you a soft cushion for the floor of the swimming pool.  Over time the floor of the pool becomes hard like concrete and our floor foam keeps it soft to the touch.


Wall Foam protects the wall from the corrosive properties of the water due to a puncture in the wall of the liner and it also insulates the wall of the pool preventing heat loss of the water through the wall keeping your water temperature warmer.  A great idea if you plan on heating the pool now or down the road or if your a fan of warmer water.

  • PVC piping (instead of hoses)
  • Floor Foam
  • PVC piping (instead of hoses)
  • GOLD PACKAGE most popular package
  • Wall Foam
  • Floor Foam
  • PVC piping (instead of hoses)
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