Choosing Pool Shape

Round Pools

Round Pools offer the most pool for your dollar.  Because of the circle shape of the round pool the weight of the water inside the pool is evenly distributed around the structure, meaning that no additional support structure is required to support the water weight.  This allows round pools to run a bit less in pricing than the oval models that are equivalent in size and water capacity.

Oval Pools

Oval pools have more water weight pushing along the straight sides of the structure so bracing and additional material is required to hold this extra amount of water weight.  Oval pools are just as strong and last just as long as the round models, but tend to run a bit more in price due to the additional structure.  However, oval pools give the pool owner a more “traditional” inground pool look, which a lot of our customers enjoy.

Choosing Pool Size

Here is where we really excel at providing our customers with a pool that fits their needs.  With over 35 years experience we have seen which pool size is required to fit the daily amount of swimmers that our customers will have swimming in their new pools.  You can always fit more swimmers in your pool for 4th of July parties, birthday parties, or times when the extended family comes to visit (plus you tend to get a little more popular once you get a swimming pool in your backyard), but we like to set up pool size for how many swimmers will be swimming in your pool on a DAY-TO-DAY basis.  For instance, you don’t want to buy a 5 bedroom house if only one person lives there just to accommodate family visiting a couple times a year.

Below is a recommend chart for the amount of daily swimmers you will expect swimming in your new pool versus the size that will fit your needs:

Amount of Swimmers/Recommended Pool Size
  • 1-2
  • 15′ round
  • 12’x24′ oval
  • 1-3
  • 18′ round
  • 2-4
  • 21′ round
  • 16’x26′ oval
  • 3-5
  • 24′ round
  • 4-6
  • 27′ round
  • 18’x33′ oval
  • 5-8
  • 30′ round


Where to Place the Pool in Your Yard

This is where you can be creative and see the big picture outcome of the vision you have for your new pool as compared to any deck or landscaping you would like to have around it.  The only places that you cannot place the pool is over septic lines or underneath overhead power lines.  Aside of the, sky is the limit.  Here are some common questions I like to run by my customers to get the thoughts going about where to place their new pools:

  • First, think about how you want to tie the pool in with the structure of the backyard you have now
    • Do you want to have a walkway coming off your back patio to the pool?
    • Do you want to tie your existing deck into a deck you’ll have on the pool?
  • Do you want to come out your back door and have the pool right there?
  • Do you want the pool in the center of the yard or place it to the side of your yard so that it doesn’t cut your yard into two separate pieces?
  • How do you want to position the pool in regards to trees that you have already?
  • Where is the sunny part of the yard?

There really is no right or wrong when thinking about placement.  Also, don’t think that the pool has to be in the flattest part of the yard, because we can deal with slopes or embankments.

Choose where you want the pool and keep in mind that it will be there for a long time, so I always recommend putting it where you want it to go and we can make that happen for you!

Click on the images below to view cost and other pool package information

24' Solano Salt Pool

Customer Paid:  $9450

Our customer also added a pool light to this package

click to view pool package

15' Mystic II Salt Pool

Customer Paid:  $9800

Machine was required to grade site.  Pool steps, pool light, and automatic cleaner was included in the package

Deck costed around $12000

16'x26' Roman Salt Pool

Customer Paid:  $12500

Pool was dropped 24″ into the ground

click to view pool package

18'x33' Roman Salt Pool

Customer Paid:  $12200

Yard was on a pretty good slope so a machine was required to level the pool site

click to view pool package

21' Roman Salt Pool

Customer Paid $8500

click to view pool package

27' Roman Salt Pool

Customer Paid:  $9500

click to view pool package

More Pictures of Our Pools

All our customers recieve these EXTRAS with their new pool:

Hardpiping of the Filter System

Most above ground owners use the cheap plastic hoses that come with the filter system, but we don’t like that.  They break and cause headaches (and we don’t like headaches), so we pipe in your filter system with pvc piping just like an inground system.  This allows the piping to last for as long as your pool and prevents and future headaches.

Shut-off Valves with unions

Within our piping of the filter system we install two shut-off valves so that you will be able to block off the water from the pool for your weekly maintenance.  This is a wonderful help from keeping water splashing on you during maintenance.  We also use valves with unions for easy disconnecting of your piping in the wintertime.

Floor Foam

Our exclusive layer of floor foam will make your new pool unique compared to other above ground owners.  Under the liner, we install a layers of padded floor foam.  This creates an extremely soft and comfortable padded floor in your pool as compared to the hard packed floor of most above grounds.  It feels a lot like walking barefoot on gymnasium padding.  We have yet to have a customer that does not love their floor foam.

ALL Your Chemicals

After installation, it usually takes a couple days to fill the pool up.  We come back and add ALL of your balance chemicals for the season so you won’t have to spend that extra money.  We also sanitize the water and add all the salt to get you started and on the right track.  This way you will be virtually finished with you chemicals and you can focus on swimming!


So now you have a new pool, all your chemicals for the season ready to go, and now you’ll need some education on what to do next.  We take care of that as well.  We come out to your house and give you a thorough lesson on your maintenance for the year on your equipment.  This is part of the main reason that our customers don’t have issues and get to enjoy a smooth easy swimming season in confidence.

18 Year Customer Service Award Winner

For over 35 years we have sought out ways to serve our customers to the highest level.  We have been recognized for that for the last 18 years consecutively.  We are not a company trying to get rich, but to create a long lasting lifestyle.  You can be confident that you will be served and treated with the upmost respect and given a high level of quality product.

Pool Package Information

  • Complete Pool Framework
  • 20 MIL Premium Liner
  • 22" Hayward Sand Filter with 1.5 hp Hayward PowerFlo Pump
  • Skimmer/Return including fittings, clamps, and hoses
  • Hayward Aqua-Trol RJ Salt Generator w/ pump timer (salt models)
  • Hayward CL200 Chlorinator (chlorine models)
  • Deluxe A-Frame Security Ladder
  • 2'X3' Equipment Pad
  • Deluxe Maintenance Kit including:
  • Pool Thermometer
  • Chlorine & pH Test Kit
  • Vinyl Pool Brush
  • Leaf Skimmer
  • Vinyl Vacuum Head
  • 25' Vacuum Hose
  • 50' Backwash Hose
  • Vacuum Pole
  • Pool Installation
  • Layer of Floor Foam
  • Salt and balance chemicals
  • Pool School 101
  • Hardpiping of filter system with shut off valves

  • Round:
    • 15'
    • 18'
    • 21'
    • 24'
    • 27'
    • 30'
    • 33'


  • Oval:
    • 12'x24'
    • 13'x23'
    • 15'x31'
    • 16'x26'
    • 18'x33'

All our pool packages follow these specifications:

  • 52" pool wall height (giving you 48" of water depth)
  • Salt pool models are designed and warrantied for salt use
  • Oval pools are available in buttress and buttress-free models (with side braces or without side braces)
  • All installation and service on your pool is performed by us.  We do not subcontract.