Winterizing your pool properly for the off season is very important.  This keeps your pool, pump, and filter from having any issues with freezing and potentially cracking.

You will learn in this video:

  • How to chemically treat your pool before closing
  • How to remove steps or ladders
  • How to remove plugs from your pump, filter, etc.
  • How to cover the pool
  • How to prepare your filter system for the winter
  • and much more…


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  • Tara Drover 4 years ago

    I was watching your winterizing pool video. It said to put chlorine in but i have a salt water pool and a cell. How is that different? What would i put in it before closing? Also, my understanding is, basically make sure all the water is out of all the units, cover the pool. Other than that i just am wondering, do i put chlorine in as mentioned even for a salt water pool?

    • Above Ground Pros
      Above Ground Pros 4 years ago

      Salt systems are great for maintaining the chlorine level, but not so great at raising the chlorine level quickly. The only time I use chlorine in a salt pool is closing and opening. This will raise the level quickly and sanitize the water. Use chlorine to close it and let the filter run for a day to get it in the water and then close it up.